O2 Christmas 2015


The Challenge:
Raise awareness of O2 as a destination for buying gifts while also driving people to O2's in-store tech experts (O2 Gurus), a genuine differentiator between O2 and competitors. 
The Approach:
In partnership with teams across the agency, we created a campaign called: 
Merry Christmas*
*Subject to giving the right gift.
Print, radio, and in-store ads used headlines and subtext to land the messaging.
For VOD and social, we created :15 and :20 films that brought to life the subtext by adding voice overs of reactions in gift recipient's heads. We'll also be running a "strangest gift" competition, where fans send in the strangest gifts they've given or received for the chance to win something a bit better - tech sold by O2.
We also created a :30 VOD that focused on O2 Gurus, along with magic social assets that will run on Facebook and Twitter starting in December. 
The Results:
The spots are currently running on VOD and are live across O2's social channels. Results are pending. 

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